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I spotted on Mark Wilson’s blog this morning the news that is about to get a sibling – The first thing you may be asking is “what is” It’s a Q&A site specifically for programmers. Imagine Experts Exchange (without the paid for memberships or annoying ads) crossed with Digg, crossed with a

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InfoPath @ AMITPRO

I’ve just got back from tonight’s AMITPRO meeting where I was speaking about InfoPath (if your still wondering what InfoPath is I’ll post about this soon!) All in all I was pleased with how it went down and got some great comments from people there Since I’m my own worse enemy when it comes to

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I’m on twitter

I’ve finally succumbed and signed up for Twitter (@AndyParkes) I still don’t quite get it just yet but then again I didn’t get Flickr or Facebook to begin with either so thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go Come say hi (or whatever it is you do there :-)  )

AMITPRO Meeting – May 2009

Having a bad case of insomnia so thought I’d get up and do something productive…then i ended up here 🙂 The next AMITPRO meeting is this Tuesday (12th April), 17:00 at the Arden hotel (as always!) There will be two sessions this month First is Sally Ross, SMB Channel Development Manager for Citrix who will

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Exchange 2003 – Greylisting and Delayed NDR’s

Recently I’ve heard from various different clients having problems when sending emails to the NHS The error message usually reads <****.com #4.0.0 smtp;451 ******@****>… Requested mail action not taken: mailbox unavailable   Due to the message specifically saying “mailbox unavailable” and it’s several different clients all sending to the same organisation I’ve been placing the

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