Humax PVR Restarting

I got home from the office a few days ago to be informed by my eldest daughter

“Dad, the telly is broke”

The Humax PVR-9150T we have replaced an Argos re-badged box which we had no end of problems with

Apart from the fact it’s a bit loud and you can’t turn the subtitles on and off after you’ve paused live TV I’ve been pretty happy with it. Even if we do have 100GB worth of CBeebies!

The problem was that the box would start up, a message would flash on screen (something about loading or scanning, but too fast for me to read) and the picture would finally appear. After a few minutes the box would restart and go through the whole thing again

With the last PVR we had any problems were generally resolved by returning it to factory defaults though it was massive pain as we’d lose all our recordings

The fix turned out to be pretty simple

I unplugged the aerial and switched the box on. It come on this time but didn’t restart and the message I saw earlier was no-where to be found

On a hunch I went into the channel list and deleted ALL the channels and restarted the box again

It started up again quite happily and once I rescanned for channels it’s been fine ever since

I can only speculate that there was a problem with the data the box had for one of the channels

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1 thought on “Humax PVR Restarting

  • I dont have a comment but a question? I turn off the PVR each day at end of viewing. I do this as I feel that the hard drive continues to record (I mean live TV delay!) BUT it always take a long time to reboot.
    AM I stupid in my belief that the HD continus to ‘save’ when the box is left on – I’ve searched the handbook but can find no answers – HELP Please!

    Ken T

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