Road to Gold!

Slightly off topic but it’s my blog 😉

Even though the London Olympics wont be here until 2012 did you know British athletes are competing in an Olympic event at the moment? Even better they actually stand a chance of bringing some gold medals home!

Athletes from 60+ countries from around the world are currently in Taipei participating in the 21st summer Deaflympics with the British team being managed by UK Deaf Sport (who are also on twitter as @deafsport and are giving updates on the games)

The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust are covering the progress of the British team

The site has all the results as well as pictures and video (fully subtitled of course)

We have friends who are competing so hoping they bring back the gold!

There is also a series of short videos following the experiences of some of the participants

Our friend Beth who throws the hammer features in programme one (8 minutes in)

It’s a shame the event isn’t getting a little bit more publicity. That said the England Women’s Football team reached the finals of the European Championships and you wouldn’t really know unless you were looking for it!

Fingers crossed our team do well

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1 thought on “Road to Gold!

  • Well said.

    It’s such a fantastic event. I’m still apalled that the Government decided not to fund the GB Deaflympic team this year yet are putting everything possible into the Olympic 2012 competition, so every Deaf athelete for the Deaflympics representing our country had to find £3000 on their own in order to be able to go.

    GO Great Britain!
    Beth is competing on the 11th :o)

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