MSN Video Player vs iPlayer

I saw this article last week on the Times Online website,

Microsoft challenges BBC’s iPlayer with its new MSN Video Player

The recently launched UK MSN Video Player will show full series of various popular shows (there is even some old Doctor Who stuff on there!)


This is all powered by Silverlight of course 😉

On the face of it this looked really interesting. The picture quality was decent and a reasonable selection of programming (they’ll need to keep updating it to prevent it becoming stale though)

However, my excitement once again turned to disappointment

As always seems to be the case with anything new and shiny at the moment there is a distinct lack of subtitles. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know how many times I’ve come up against “Digital Discrimination”.

The iPlayer is able to display subtitles and does for most programs (not all though)

At the top of the page is a feedback link so I dropped my comments into there. It would be nice if this was sorted sometime soon but based on my experiences with the Xbox and it’s Zune Marketplace service I’m not holding my breath

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