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I’ve got out the blogging habit! Not an intentional thing but something that annoys me when it does.

I finished reading a book this week and enjoyed it so much I thought I’d give it a mention.

I actually picked the book up in March. I was in a book shop and the cover and title grabbed my attention (Look at it! It’s screaming “buy me you geek!”)

I got it home, read a couple of chapters and didn’t go back to it until the weekend just passed.

I wish I hadn’t left it so long! It really drew me in. I was reading it in bed earlier in the week and totally lost track of time and before I knew it I’d been reading for four hours! It did mean I got through most of it though 🙂

I’ve mentioned on the blog a couple of times in the past that I’ve got a very specific taste in fiction which makes it really hard to find anything as there isn’t really a genre that fits it. “Techno-Thriller” is what they seem to get labelled under but they rarely have their own section in book stores. Amazon had this one down as “Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Thrillers” and “Fiction > Adventure Stories & Action”

So the plot,

Here is the description from the back of the book

Matthew Sobel is dead, but his final creation survives.
A man is found brutally murdered – and the only possible perpetrator happens to be dead. As more killings follow, it becomes clear that mass carnage is being planned and organised from beyond the grave.
The Daemon is seemingly unstoppable, and murder is the least of its capabilities.
A lethal program designed by a twisted genius, the Daemon inhabits the systems on which an increasingly interconnected society depends. In a world where everyone and everything is online, nothing is out of its reach.
Just don’t turn on that computer…

Without giving away too many spoilers, , especially with how they are used in the book) and a couple of sample chapters from both books.

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