A date with charity

How about 365 of them?

Last year my sister-in-law Hannah spent the summer in Newquay. She fell in love with the place and had such a great time she went back for new years eve.

As is usual for just about everything there is a Facebook fan page for Newquay.

They ran a photo competition in October where people from all across the country (and in some cases the world!) entered photos that they had taken of the beautiful sights and scenery that the Cornwall has to offer.

Hannah decided she wanted to do something a bit more than enter the competition so took the top 12 photos from the competition and turned them into a calendar to sell.

All the profits from selling the calendars will be going to the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust

Hannah has done a great job in organising the everything and finding some local businesses who contributed to help get the whole thing off the ground.

I helped with some web hosting and getting a website together so I also wanted to try and help promote it.

If you visit the website www.ourcornwallcalendar.co.uk you can get a look at the pictures that have been used for the calendar as well as order one.

Since it’s the start of a new year a new calendar for the office wouldn’t go amiss surely? Winking smile

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