My Geekmas 2010

In an attempt to get back into the blogging habit I’m writing posts as soon as I have a few minutes to fill so this is a little “off topic”. I’m also experimenting with the Amazon associates program so if you like any of the things detailed below please click the links if you fancy buying any of them. The 2p commission I’ll probably get will come in handy!

I’m very lucky to have generous family and friends when the festive season comes along. They are also switched on enough to know that like any self respecting geek I’ve got an Amazon wish list so I always receive gifts that I’m going to like! That said they also know me well enough to get some cool things that I haven’t listed as well. 

So what did I get this year that fed my inner geek?


I was really pleased to get this. It’s the sequel to Daemon that I wrote about last year.

Having enjoyed the last book so much I’m eager to get started on this one.

I’ll report back on this one as soon as I’ve read it!

Star Trek Scene it?

This wasn’t on my wish list so it was a great surprise.

A twist on the classic “Scene it?” DVD game with a Star Trek theme.

Having given it a quick test run while at my parents though I’m going to struggle to find anyone that will play it with me!

Biggest downside is a lack of subtitles.

The Tardis Handbook

This is brilliant! A book focussed around the Tardis that dips into episodes from the original series as well as the more recent ones.

There isn’t any wasted space on the pages as it’s packed with character and episode details as well as lots of trivia tidbits and tons of photos.

A must for any Who fan.

Star Trek The Original Series

The picture makes this look like a small book but it’s not. It’s very hefty and with good reason. The book details every single episode from the original series! I don’t plan on reading this cover to cover but it’ll be great to dip into.

Windows Command-Line Administrator’s​ Pocket Consultant 2nd Edition (PRO-Administra​tor’s Pocket Consultant)

I saw the first edition of this years ago and realised what a great resource it is. That said I added it to my wishlist and promptly forgot about it!

The book does exactly what it says on the tin.

A pocket guide with just about every Windows command line you could possibly need.

Chapters are grouped so it’ll be easy to find what you need.

This will go in my laptop bag so it’s always at hand.


50 Big Ideas You Really Need to Know

Another item not on my wish list and while it’s not in the same vein as the other items I’ve talked about it’s right up my street.

The book is essentially 50 mini essays around six broad topics

Philosophy, Religion, Politics, Economics, Art and Science.

It’ll be great to dip into and think about one idea.


Circuit Board Coaster

Again this wasn’t on my wish list. I’ve got a recycled circuit board business card holder which is very cool so this is a welcome addition. I’ll be taking it to the office where it’ll get plenty of use!



Eden Trigger Torch

Eden Trigger Torch

Picked up by my in-laws on a recent trip to the Eden Project, this is an LED torch powered by hand using a trigger which disappears into the body of the torch. It’s very bright and is really compact and the trigger is much easier to use than the wind up varieties I’ve seen

I’m dreadful with torches. I use them so little that whenever I need one the batteries are usually dead. I’ve got a mag-light in my laptop bag that I can never use for this reason so this will be replacing it!


I’m very grateful for all the gifts I received, what did you get for Geekmas?

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