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Freedom tm

As mentioned previously I got this book for Christmas and I’ve really been looking forward to reading it as it’s the follow up to Daemon which I read last year.

Well, it lasted less than a week as I couldn’t put it down and I enjoyed it as much as the first one.

The premise of the first book was of this seeming evil distributed computer network, this book turns it completely on it’s head and the authorities and the corporations who come under attack suddenly become the enemy.

The underlying message of the first book was to make you think about what would happen to the world if someone wanted to use the Internet and modern technology to wage war on governments and businesses.

This book makes you look at why the governments and businesses are being attacked and raises some really good questions about society as a whole.

As with the first book some of technology used in the book is already here (such as Augmented Reality) which is a part of of the book that really fascinated.

I don’t want to spoil the plot so want say any. I’d highly recommend both of the books. They were right up my street!

You can pick up Freedom TM from Amazon

I really hope Daniel Suarez has other books planned as I’ll be picking them up straight away!

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