Good Luck Bill English

I saw this blog post when I got into the office this morning announcing big changes for Bill English. He’s changing his role at MindSharp so that his day to day role is more focussed on the business side of things than the technical.

His blog post fully explains why but in short he wants to spend more time with his family, less travelling and less time staying on top of the latest and greatest technology and writing books.

I can fully understand all of these reasons and it’s great Bill has taken the steps to do something about it as he’s effectively turning his career on his head even though he’ll still be at the same company!

If you have anything to do with SharePoint you’ll know the name Bill English.


Bill is the author of the first ever book I purchased about SharePoint. It’s a hefty tome and it’s now dog eared corners show much of my attention it’s had over the years.

This is just one of many in depth books he’s worked on so I can understand why he’d want to slow down on the writing front.

The 2007 version of the same book comes in at over 1000 pages so the amount of work put into it must be immense.


I’ve also seen Bill speak a couple of times, the first at an event in London, he was actually in the country on holiday but still found the time to touch base with the UK SharePoint community.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet him once. He was speaking at a SharePoint user group meeting and I spent some time over a couple of beers in the bar with him, Todd Bleeker and Penny Coventry. I was in hogs heaven as I love the stuff these guys do!

I fully expect Bill to not remember that meeting as he must come across a lot of people being so involved in the community but since I’m such a fanboy it stayed with me!

So anyway, I just wanted to wish Bill good luck, I hope you’ll do the same Smile

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