My Knee–the end is in sight!

My one and only blog post specifically about my knee was on 17th February 2010. I’d intentionally not talked about it all that much here as I try to stay around a techie theme (not always successfully) and didn’t want this to turn into a knee rehab blog. It’s been hard enough for me to think about it without projecting it onto anyone else!

In case you missed the first post on September 20th 2009 I caught my studs in the ground while running and twisted my knee really badly. Five months later I was told I’d need an operation to rebuild my torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament and to tidy up a tear in the medial meniscus which happened in June 2010.

It’s been a long slow process with some ups and downs but on Friday night I played 30 minutes as a substitute and a full 90 minutes on Sunday.

We won both games and like some weird scripted drama we won a penalty in the last minute and the captain graciously decided it would be a good idea if I did the honours. This was very brave of him as he knows my penalty taking record is patchy at best but thankfully it hit the back of the net!

So 1 year, 7 months, 2 weeks, 4 days after hurting myself there I was completing a full game. It was hard work and I’m suffering for it today!

This isn’t quite the end though. I’ve still got work to do as my quad and hamstring muscles on the left side could be stronger if I’m going to avoid a repeat occurrence, my lack of fitness showed in the last 15 minutes of the game and while I haven’t been specifically tracking it I know I’ve got at least a stone to lose that I’ve put on during all the inactivity.

I’ve learnt an awful lot about motivation in the last 18 months.

For someone that plays so much football it’ll probably be a surprise to hear I’m not a fan of general exercise. By that I mean things like running and the gym. Staying fit has always been a happy by-product of playing football. I’ve never had to think too much about my weight or my general fitness as it’s sort of looked after itself.

The road to recovery has meant I’ve had to do things I don’t really want to do.

Reminding myself of the end goal has kept me going and the last couple of months I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so driven in pursuit of something I wanted to achieve.

So when I’ve been cycling at 6am or out running after a days work when all I wanted to do was collapse on the sofa a quick reminder of why I was doing it helped keep me going.

It’s something I’ll try and use in future – “keep your eye on the prize” Winking smile

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