Robert Crane–Search Server Express and SBS 2011

At the last AMITPRO meeting I was asked about having SharePoint search more than just the lists and libraries within the SharePoint site. Part of thinking is that if users became accustomed to browsing to the SharePoint site to complete this common task (search!) it may help with general adoption of SharePoint as another tool in the business.

My answer to the question was you could use something like Search Server Express. It’s a free product provided by Microsoft and can be used for searching SharePoint sites, file shares and even other websites (whether you’d want or should index something like Google for example is another discussion altogether!)

What I didn’t touch on was the practicalities of actually doing this in an SBS environment. In SBS 2008 you can’t safely install it directly onto the server so you’re for £6.24.

I’ve seen the guide and it’s well worth the money!

Go check it out

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