Useful Tools: Exchange 2010 Installation Script

Just wanted to raise a bit of awareness for a rather excellent script put together by UK based SBS MVP Robert Pearman.

It’s quite likely a lot of people may not fully digest his post at first glance as it talks about scripting and PowerShell. Not always the most interesting subject for people who work with SBS! Especially since the mention of Powershell strikes down most IT Pros with feelings fear and dread. Smile

However, since SBS is going the way of the Dodo if you’re looking to replicate SBS type functionality you’ll need to get used to installing all of the bits and pieces yourself.

Since SBS used to do all this heavy lifting this was something you didn’t have to worry about in the past, it was all part of the setup routine and the wizards configured all the necessaries for you. 

Robert’s script looks to fill that gap and ensures your server is ready for Exchange, installs it and then helps setup all the major parts such as an SSL certificate, accepted domains and a recipient policy.

The blog post talks about using it with Windows Server 2012 Essentials but it’ll work just fine with Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 Standard.

I’ve been using it on some recent installations and it’s saved me a ton of time. Even if you just use it do the installation it means you don’t have waste lots of time to ensure you’ve got all the pre-requisites in place.

So go check it out and leave him a nice comment so he feels a bit loved. Winking smile 

On Prem Exchange Windows Server 2012 Essentials: The Script!

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