Book Review: Deadline by Mira Grant

So as part of my new year post I said I wanted to get back into the reading habit. I also said that once I actually started I wasn’t expecting it to be problem to read a book a month as the old habits would return. Looks like I was right! As of the of 8th of January I’d read two books already!

Over the Christmas break I was in a book shop and spotted Blackout, the third book in the “Newsflesh Trilogy”. This reminded me that having loved the first (Feed) I hadn’t read the second one yet. This made it an ideal candidate to get started with.

I’ll try and make this is as spoiler free as possible…

The story focuses primarily around Sean, one of the main characters from Feed with Sean struggling to come to terms with events from the previous story. It isn’t long however before the fallout from the first book “hits the fan” and it’s not long before the team are back in the fray, fighting for their lives and apparently someone who is out to get them!

Each of the characters is very different in their own way which made it really easy to follow them and want them to succeed. 

As with Feed I was absolutely engrossed and I’d finished it over the period of two days and was straight into the final book before I’d even had a chance to write this up. 

Whereas the first book worked as a standalone story the second and third really do go together otherwise you’re really left hanging as to all the questions you want answered! But this isn’t something I’m complaining about (well it might have been if the third book hadn’t been released yet!)

You’ve probably figured out I rather enjoyed this book. Zombie fiction isn’t normally something I’d be interested in but the story is written in such away that I don’t really see it as a Zombie story. It’s about people and a possible, believable future where bloggers are considered mainstream news sources. That’s interesting enough to get my attention!

The third book (Blackout) was read just as quickly as this one so review for that will follow soon.

There are also a series of short stories based in the “Newsflesh” universe which fleshes out some of the back story (pun not exactly intended!) so I’ll be checking those out soon.

Dead tree edition is available on Amazon or there is a Kindle version if you prefer.

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