Retro Computer Museum–Help please!

I first came across the Retro Computer Museum in 2010 when I saw the guys who run it give a presentation at the Vintage Computer Festival.


Back then they didn’t have a permanent “home” and could only hold a few open days per year in the village hall in Coalville. Since then they have worked really hard behind the scenes and have ran events at the Snibston Discovery Museum

Me on Playstation 1

and BBC Radio Leicester (Spark Festival)

Alice on Super MarioEvie on Chuckie Egg

They also managed to find a more suitable base of operations that you can visit pretty much any weekend by making an appointment.

Unfortunately they have become victims of their own success and have outgrown the current space available. I can sympathise on this front. My own collection consumes much more space in my home than Mrs P would like!

They have managed to find a much bigger venue in Leicester but as is always the case with these things their costs have now gone up dramatically. So they are looking for help to help them move to the next level and provide an even better service.

The new venue is much larger and it’s location will make it much more accessible for visiting and will enable them to offer a wider range of services moving forward.

RCM is what I can only describe as a living museum. The computers and systems they have don’t sit locked away in cabinets. Instead they are made available for use so they can be enjoyed as much now as they were back when they were considered cutting edge technology.

The guys there do a great job and put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the museum and their hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed.

If you can spare a couple of pounds it would be going to a great cause!


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