Sonicwall SRA Java Bookmarks Stop Working In Chrome

Another eye catching headline there!

We have a couple of clients who use Sonicwall SRA appliances for remote access to internal resources.

The bookmarks that were setup to gain access to file shares stopped working.

On some PCs we were seeing a blank page.

On others it was pretty clear where the problem lay.

The java plugin wasn’t playing nicely.


Switching to the HTML version worked fine though. The java version is more feature rich at the moment so ideally we wanted to know why.

We also realised this was specific to Chrome. Internet Explorer and Firefox were fine.

That was when the penny dropped as to what the cause was here.

Google have dropped support for browser plugins.

They announced this back in September 2013 and as of Chrome version 42 NPAPI plugins are disabled by default. Java and Silverlight are two of the biggest plugins this will impact

You override the behaviour.

browse to chrome://flags/


Look for the NPAPI options and click the enable option

You’ll need to restart Chrome after doing so


That will get you around the immediate problem if you want to keep using Chrome.

it’s the recommendation Sonicwall make at the moment.


It’s worth knowing that Chrome 45 will do away with NPAPI plugins altogether.


Full details are here

Going forward Sonicwall will either have to improve the HTML version, or they’ll drop support for Chrome.

Seeing as Microsoft’s new browser (Spartan) doesn’t support Active-X controls (not directly, it uses an IE11 engine for compatibility) Sonicwall will have to make some changes to their setup.


Probably worth noting that Chrome still supports PPAPI plugins. There doesn’t appear to be any effort on the part of Oracle to create a PPAPI Java plugin any point soon. Will be interesting to see what happens if/when all the major browsers drop NPAPI plugins!

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2 thoughts on “Sonicwall SRA Java Bookmarks Stop Working In Chrome

  • Well, it’s not quite true that plugins won’t be supported in Chrome 45 – just NPAPI ones. PPAPI (like the built-in Chrome Flash plugin) will work fine.

    Main problem is, Oracle’s solution to this isn’t “produce a PPAPI plugin”, it’s “ah, to hell with you all – just use a different browser”.

    With Java as a web component already becoming less and less relevant to today’s internet, not keeping up with the times and making a PPAPI compliant Java plugin is just going to lose them more users.

    See also Silverlight – never popular anyway outside of Microsoft and video-on-demand services, and that’s NPAPI only too. It means, come September, out library software won’t work any more and there’s no forthcoming solution…

  • I did mention it was NPAPI plugins earlier in the post?

    I’ll update that last paragraph to be a bit more explicit though as you’re right I didn’t mention PPAPI at all.

    “Use a differnet browser” really is burying their heads in the sand. What will they do when they aren’t any browsers left!

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