Trend Micro – Can’t Uninstall AVG

What’s this? A technical post?

Quick and easy one.

I was trying to install the Trend Micro Worry Free Business Advanced client on a PC and I got the following message

Unable to Remove Incompatible Software

Installation unsuccessful. The installer could not uninstall AVG 2012 x64 automatically

Manually uninstall this product and retry.

Trend Remove

Now a message like this isn’t massively uncommon. If you already have an anti-virus product the Trend installer will try to remove it. If it’s unsuccessful that’s the message you’ll see

However, I’d already removed the existing anti-virus which in this case had been Avast (who own AVG?). So something must have been left behind after that.

AVG do have a removal tool on their utilities page. Unfortunately this didn’t do make any difference

Luckily the fix was pretty easy

* The usual “I’m not responsible for breaking your registry” warnings apply here *

Open Regedit

Locate the following key


Delete it

That’s it.
Once I’d done that the program installed fine.

This will highly likely work for other programs. Just be sure said program is definitely removed before you do it.

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