Run For Your Life – A Magazine About Everyday Runners

Kickstarter as a concept I think is generally a good thing.

Having a great idea but no clue if it’s financially viable must be so common. Kickstarter fixes that problem by allowing people to put their plans out and there and if there is interest then you get funding upfront.

That doesn’t mean, plenty of stories of projects that don’t always come off. This post isn’t about the merits of Kickstarter though.

That said I’ve never backed anything on Kickstarter. I have on similar platforms, just not this one. No specific reason. I just hadn’t seen anything up until this point I felt compelled to back.

Then I came across the Run For Your Life project.

This is exactly the sort of thing Kickstarter was made for!

The concept is simple

It’s a magazine that interviews 11 regular, ordinary people. Not elite athletes, about why they run.

Putting this together and then hoping enough people buy it would be pretty risky as it is quite niche. Using traditional publishing methods would mean this probably wouldn’t have been created.

Having backed the project though I’m glad it’s something that now exists.

Calling it a magazine doesn’t do it just justice. It’s thick and on really good quality paper.


The photography and artwork are gorgeous and the personal stories of each participant were fantastic. (though my terrible photography isn’t doing it justice here)


Just ordinary people talking about their personal experiences of running.

I’ll be rereading it at least a couple more times!.

Congratulations to Luke and his team for putting this together.

You can get your own copy from here and there are a (very) limited number of shops that are stocking them too

Looking forward to volume two!

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