My Year In Running – 2017

2017 was a brilliant running year for me.

The main goal was to participate in the Birmingham Marathon but there were various other events throughout the year which contributed to it being such a good year.

The most memorable were three events where I was able to set personal bests over three different distances. (links are to my Strava records)

Badgers 10k – Finishing time 49:13


A very popular local race and while it’s not really a course that’s made for personal bests (because of the hills!) I ran this one in the final third of my marathon training so was I feeling really good.

Great North Run – Finishing Time 1:43:38


What an event. Well organised, great crowds on a course that takes in the sights of a brilliant part of the north east. I was also able to catch up with friends and family while I was there which made it into a fab weekend away. Really hoping I can do this one again.

Birmingham Marathon – Finishing Time 3:59:06


I’ve already written about this but running Birmingham’s new marathon in under four hours was the major goal I wanted to achieve in 2017.

Lots of hard training miles went into it but it redefined my personal relationship with running.

I don’t have any specific plans to run the event again at this point but it will hold some really fond memories for me

It’s not all about PBs though!

A special mention must go to

Coventry Park Run


Parkrun is a fantastic idea.

Simply put it’s a weekly free running event that anyone can attend. I’ve wanted to get involved for ages but because of the way my Saturday mornings currently work I haven’t been able to. However, my plans on the day before Christmas Eve meant that I was able to finally see what it was all about.

I had a really good time and it was great to see so many people getting out (over 600!)

So onto 2018.

I’ve got a couple of runs booked but no single event to work towards just yet. I’ve got a couple of ideas but I’ll be relying on ballot systems for a couple of those. We’ll see.

That said I’ve got those new personal best times to attack. At least two of those times I’m confident I can shave a few minutes off. I’ll certainly give it a go.

Bring it on!

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