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  • Technet – Manchester

    Just to echo what Richard has already said, the first of a series of Technet events around the country lands in Manchester on Thursday (i previously mentioned it here)

    I’m attending the main event and the after hours event. I’m already impressed with what i’ve seen when using Vista Media Center functionality with my XBox 360 so i’m interested to see what else they are going to show off

    Georgina Mitcham has already blogged about some of the kit that will be on display and i’m very excited about seeing some sideshow gear in action

    Same as Richard if your going to be there and want to chat leave a comment here or use the email address on the contact page!

  • What He Said

    I’m just pretty much going to repeat Vijay’s post as the word needs to get out

    If your SBSC then pretty soon you’ll get a sent a survey from Micrsoft to try and gauge how “happy” you are as a Microsoft partner

    It’s important you fill it out as the amount of replies they normally get is nothing short of shocking

    It’ll only take ten minutes of your time but it means that when Microsoft are making the money decisions if they know that any effort they put into the SBSC program gives good value (to us and them!) then they’ll continue to support it

  • Getting Involved

    What a day!

    I’ve been doing an SBS install up in Doncaster this week which meant i had a bit of travelling to do to get to Birmingham on time. The closure of the M1 and my sat-nav asking me to do right turn on the motorway all transpired against me but i managed to get there in the end

    I’m pleased that i made the effort now as i found it very useful and i’m looking forward to some of the speakers that have been lined up. Since this was i my first meeting i tried to just figure out how it all “works” and i’m looking forward to making as much of a contribution as i can

    I managed to put faces to some of the names i’ve seen in the various online resources and also got to meet Jennifer Brinton from Microsoft

    One of the amazing things i’ve found is the detail you get just by chatting to people.

     I left with a couple of pages of notes and plenty to think about

    There is a business decision i’m about to make that i’ve been mulling over for a while and if it’s the wrong decision it would probably give us tons of grief and annoy our customers. Just a couple of throw-away comments from one or two people tonight have already given me some fresh insight and made me realise that i need to think about this some more…Theres your “pounds on the table”!

  • Support Experiences

    Lots of people talk about bad support experiences so i wanted to post about two experiences i had last week

    One of our clients has four servers, two HPs and two “other brand” servers (names concealed to protect the guilty!). The HPs are the newest that we installed and the others we inherited when we took on the contract

    If we have any hardware issues we deal with HP directly. If there are issues with the other servers we have a contract in place with another company (who also happen to be a distributor of these servers) as we can’t get support directly from the vendor (as far as i am aware!)  

    Late on wednesday night i got an email from one of the HPs letting me know it was having a problem with one of the disks. That particular disk is part of a RAID 5 array so i knew there was no “immediate” emergency but had to deal with it pretty quickly

    So i went to the office on Thursday morning and logged a call with the HP support desk just before 9 am. At the same time i spotted a problem with one of the “other” servers so logged a call for that as well. I had a meeting scheduled to see the client anyway so left shortly after for a 10.30 meeting.

    I got a call buy ativan online uk back from HP on-route to let me know that a new hard disk would be on site by 11am and “would i like an engineer as well?”

    I declined an engineer as it was something i was happy to do since i was going to be there

    At 10.50 I got a call to say there had be a slight delay and the drive would be there by 11.30 and “we are really really sorry for the delay”

    The drive arrived at 11.20 so it promptly went into the server so it could start rebuilding on the new drive.

    By about 13:30-14:00-ish i checked the status and it had finished the re-build and was working happily….it was then i realised that no-one had been in touch about the other server

    When i did check the status i was told “we’re trying to source the part”

    So in short.

    HP called me back to let me know what was happening, shipped a drive immediately, called to apologise profusely for it being twenty minutes late and the whole thing had rebuilt by lunch time……in this time i hadn’t even had a call back to give me a status update from the “other” support company,

    I’m intentially not mentioning the guiltly parties here as i’d like to give some kudos to HP for a job well done!