Need a Wii?

This isn’t a gaming blog but i can’t post about XBox 360 & PS3 without mentioning the Wii

When i initially heard about the Wii i thought it would be the end of Nintendo. No Hi-Def graphics, a gimicky controller?

How wrong was i?

I have to applaud Nintendo for trying to be innovative.

They have been very open about trying to attract people to the console who would really be into gaming

The greatest example of have is my good old dad

The kid next door had a Wii just after christmas. He saw it and had a go. Then went straight back home and ordered one.

When it arrived his brother, nephew and niece all tried it for themselves and have ordered one.

None of these people own an XBox 360 or PS3 or plan to get one.

So mission accomplished Nintendo

And the reason? It’s fun. Plain and simple

I visited my parents for a weekend recently and played Wii Sports to death (i’m awesome at Baseball!)

My only is concern is it’s longterm appeal. While my dad loves it at the moment is he going to continue buying games in six months? in twelve months?

I think Virtual Console we keep his attention for a while as long as they keep the content coming. He already downloaded R-Type!

I’m going to keep on open mind but i’m certainly interested!

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