PS3 Available In The UK Today

Finally if you have £425 of loose change you too can own a PS3 today! (plus whatever you need to spend on cables, games, controllers)

This article on the BBC News site talks about how police are concerned that muggings may be occur while people are trying to get their brand new kit at midnight!

******Disclaimer ******

I’m not looking to get into a fanboy war. I owned a PS One and a PS2 in the past (Resident Evil anyone?) and thought they were amazing machines. I was impressed with how quickly they stole a march on Nintendo and Sega to establish themselves as the top dog.


I wont be parting with my cash. I love my XBox 360 (If i had limitless funds i’d buy both!) and have been very impressed with the way Microsoft have put their system together. Xbox Live & marketplace is genius, i love the Media Center connectivity and if they can sort out video marketplace for the UK (and the rest of the world) I’ll be like when I was a kid getting all excited about the release of Super Street Figher II!

Since i’m the resident geek to my friends and family i always get asked my opinion on Microsoft vs Sony vs Nintendo (etc)

My current opinion is that while the PS3 is an amazing piece of hardware (it is! Take a look) Sony can’t write software as well as Microsoft.

There. I’ve said it now!

You may have your opinon on how bad Internet Explorer is or how Linux is better than Windows but Microsoft software is everywhere. They have been doing it for years.

Anyway a couple posts from a blog (Ozymandias) i’ve started reading sort of back me up

First one here and second one here

Now i know two blogs post from one person dont really make an entire argument but I wont say anything else…draw your own conclusions! It’s all about your own opinion anyway 😉

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