Hotmail in your Outlook

Found this on the Microsoft download site Microsoft Office Outlook Connector If your using Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 then you can connect to your Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) account via Outlook. This was something i used to do years ago with Outlook Express but the functionality was disabled after account misuse. If you had

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Moving office

Filling the van Originally uploaded by Andy Parkes The office move went well over the weekend. It was very hard work but we managed to get it all done so we were up and running on Monday morning Only strange part was the BT engineer who was supposed to be moving our phone lines and

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Windows Mobile 2003 Not Syncing Correctly?

I posted a while back about how i was having problems making changes to my email folder selections since making the upgrade to Vista. Nothing helpful other than “There is a problem with your connection. Please disconnect and reconnect your device and try again”  I noticed in several places last week that the Mobile Device

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There Goes The Weekend

We’re moving to bigger premises and we get started tomorrow morning and keep going till we’re done. Guess what i have planned for my weekend 🙁     I’m actually really excited as it’s a milestone for all the hard work we have put in over the last two years and we’re seeing the payback in the

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What Is Popfly?

Just following on from my previous popfly posts (here and here) If you dont “get” what Popfly is i found a really good explaination on Sriram Krishnan’s blog. Sriram has recently joined the Popfly team so i’ll be keeping an eye on his blog..check it out yourself