May AMITPRO meeting & SBS Pricing

Two blog posts for the price of one!

I’m a bit rubbish at blogging at the moment but AMITPRO meetings always give me plenty of food for though

As per my last post Mike Bryett very kindly travelled up from down south to demonstrate Microsoft Office Accounting 2008

This was very useful as taking a look at this was on my list of things to do but it’s always much easier when someone who knows more than you shows you how it all works

Mike did a great job and I was impressed with the integration with Outlook & BCM and I downloaded it as soon as i got back to see if it will be of any benefit to us (luckily it’s our accounting year end so if we wanted to start using it it’s a good time!)

I also managed to find the Office Accounting Developer Portal which contains the SDK amongst other things so worth looking into as well

Paul Dadge then showed us how his business has benefited from partnering with Enta (which Richard Tubb also backed up as he is also a fan)

I’ve signed up for their partner program so more on this as it develops

There was then a third, previously unannounced speaker…me!

I’ve been part of the trial period for the UK Partner Portal Community (I blogged about this here) so Vijay asked me Tuesday morning if I’d like to fill the rest of the group in on how that has been going. It’s still in the Alpha stages at the moment but I’ve the group provided some decent feedback to send to Microsoft

Once again a worthwhile evening spent with fellow SBSers

So how am i linking this to the SBS pricing announcement?

When we got to the bar Vijay was checking his phone when he noticed the pricing announcement details which was a great place to start the after event chat (Vijay mentions it here)

So what do i think?

I’m really not sure. Once order ativan online in canada thing I’ve learnt in recent years is that dollar amount pricing announcements have little bearing on the price we’ll see in the UK

Also the announcements were only for retail pricing. No details on OEM or licensing prices yet so I don’t know what the real price is going to be here in the UK

Sean Daniel has a good post explaining the reasoning behind the change in price (excerpt below)

  • Our current SBS 2003 pricing is backwards from our research.  Having a lower server price and higher CAL prices is counter intuitive to what people actually want
  • We have seen a strong desire for SQL Standard edition, instead of SQL Workgroup edition
  • There is a strong desire to separate Line of Business applications from the machine running your IT Infrastructure.
  • There is frustration with “over-buying” CALs, and having to buy 5 CALs for 1 new employee
  • Research has shown, if the server is too inexpensive there are negative perceptions
    • e.g. contains less than full versions of products
    • e.g. less capable then Windows Standard Server

All fair comments I guess and moving from SQL workgroup to SQL standard is obviously going to bump the price up some and I can understand his last statement though i guess it depends on who your speaking to!

Either way SBS is still a bargain in my opinion and Sean states SBS Standard will actually work out cheaper. It’s the improved SQL version pushing up the price

Also the change in the CAL buying policy is a welcome one. I’d be interested to hear if there will be any incentives to buy them in packs of five in the “traditional” manner?

There was also a firmer commitment to the public beta being available in the next couple of weeks or so. I sent an email to after the Windows 2008 launch event so I’ll be keeping an eye out for details of that

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