BT Investing In Fibre

Two words on this one


Here’s the story on the BBC site

There had been rumblings a while back about BT not wanting to invest in the infrastructure and get fibre into the “last mile”

While this isn’t going to happen overnight (2012 from what I can see) it’s a step in the right direction. I made the move to Virgin for cable broadband a while back as my ADSL connection speeds were pitiful

Hopefully this will spur Virgin on to push forward with their plans to get faster speeds which in the long term will be great for the consumer and business alike

Bring it on!

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2 thoughts on “BT Investing In Fibre

  • Still think it’s terrible that BT think they should be getting a good slap on the back for this investment that should have happened years ago!

    Just hope that all providers start to invest more in the infrastructure we need for the future.

  • Hi David

    Fingers crossed

    My only worry is how BT are pushing OFCOM to ensure they get ROI for the investment. What will this do for the other providers?

    I guess it’s the price we pay for privatising public services!

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