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  • Sonicwall Firewalls and Internet Explorer 7

    Posted on October 31st, 2006 Andy Parkes 5 comments

    In my post about the full release of Internet Explorer 7i said that i was only using it on the laptop as i was worried about not being able to use it with the Sonicwall firewalls we use.

    I decided to do a little bit more investigation into this a felt like i’ve been missing out!

    A quick look on the microsoft IE newsgroup indicates that the firewall runs a script called BrowserCheck.js when it opens the pop-up window.

    Basically this means that the firewall is expecting Internet Explorer 6 so just does nothing when it encounters version 7.

    This gives me two options

    1) Wait for Sonicwall to upgrade the firmware to support IE7

    2) Make the sonicwall think i’m using IE6

    I’m going to take the second option i think

    Microsoft provide the “User Agent String Utility” on their download site for this

    When you run the utility it gives you the option to report the site to Microsoft so “they can help improve” Internet Explorer. I didn’t see the point in doing this as Microsoft wouldn’t be able to browse to the firewall interface. Next you get a new Internet Explorer window with some text added at the end of the title to let you know it’s in compatibility mode. Any tabs you create in this instance will report itself as Internet Explorer 6

    It all worked fine even if i did fine the solution a little clunky

    Also found some registry files on the Fiddlertool site that changes the user agent string as needed. These changes are more permanent but it’s a preference thing in the end.

    So this means i’ll be upgrading my main pc to the latest version!

    ** Updated on 19/03/2007 **

    This has been fixed!

    Read my new post here

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    5 Responses to “Sonicwall Firewalls and Internet Explorer 7”

    1. SonicWALL and IE7

      I had heard about this earlier in the fall and forgot about it until working on a TZ170 Enhanced OS the

    2. I found the link to your site but had to open it in Opera as IE7 won’t display the blog page!
      Thanks I will give this a go with my Sonicwalls, Rory.

    3. Glad i could help Rory. Not sure why you couldn’t view the blog in IE7

      I use IE7 exclusively now so i wrote the post using it and i’m leaving this comment using it?!

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