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  • Bleurgh

    Just though i’d post to say i’ve been ill for last couple weeks with flu type virus

    I thought i was getting over it but feel terrible today….

    be back soon

  • Vista vs Mac?

    I usually take articles on PC vs Mac (Linux/Unix/etc) with a pinch of salt.

    You can usually tell after a few minutes that the author has already decided the winner before conducting the test.

    I came across this article on Znet that i think (just my humble opinion) is not a fair test

    The article tries to test how easy it is to move all your settings, documents, applications, etc from system to another.

    The systems in question are an existing Windows XP installation onto a new Windows Vista installation and for comparision transferring from an existing Mac OS X installation to a new Mac OS X installation.

    Sorry that doesn’t work for me.

    I’m not saying the guys results are wrong. But i just think the comparison is unfair.

    If you were doing XP to XP vs Mac OS X to Mac OS X, fine…

    or Vista to Vista vs Mac OS X to Mac OS X, fine as well.

    As we all know while Vista and XP have lots of common roots there are lots of differences in there as well.

    If you were comparing an XP to Vista transfer with a Mac OS X to Mac OS Leopard (is that right??) then i think thats fair game.

    Transferring to a new system is always a PITA so using this argument in the “my mac is better than your pc” (et al) is a pointless excerise. Most people i know (and i’ll be experiencing this in a couple of weeks as my dad has purchased a new PC and ordered his “Vista Express Upgrade”) would just copy/burn their documents of to USB Drive/CD/DVD and reinstall any apps they needed

    Not really sure where i’m going with this one so i’ll stop there! :-S

  • Deploy Local Group Policy Remotely

    We have a client who has 20+ remote sites. Each site comprises of a single PC (Windows XP Pro), an ADSL router and firewall.

    They wanted to lock the PCs down through group policy but since the PCs aren’t part of the domain didn’t want to send an engineer to each generic ativan reviews site to setup the local group policy

    My suggestion was the following

    At head office configure the local group policy of a PC. Then copy the following directory on this PC onto every remote PC and reboot (or run gpupdate)



  • SharePoint Calendar Missing Events Problem

    One our customers recently started using SharePoint. Because of the nature of their business sometimes it feels like SharePoint was developed with them in mind!

    One of the things they wanted to do was keep track of room bookings.

    Pretty straightforward. They decided to have four seperate calendars (i suggested one calendar with a room field but it was their decision), one for each room. I then created a web part page and dropped a web part for each calendar onto the page. The theory being that at a glance they could see room availability for a particular month.

    All seemed well initially and they started added events.

    Until i got a call saying “i just hit the save button but it doesn’t show up on the calendar”


    I tried it myself and she was right. I drilled down into the individual calendar and the missing items were there.

    If you want to re-create this for yourself do the following.

     1) Create two new events lists (Calendar 1, Calendar 2)
    2) Create a new web part page
    3) Place a web part for each of the calendars onto the page
    4) Set the view for both web parts to Calendar
    5) Create a new event for the first calendar in the NEXT month (e.g 7/2/2007)
    6) Repeat step 5 for second calendar
    7) Return to the web part page, click the ‘>’ button to select the next
    month in the calendar
    8) Note that only ONE of the events appears

    (BTW this also applies with one calendar and multiple web parts of that calendar)

    The problem occurs when you click the > to change the month. If you stay in the current month all is well. I experiented with tweaking the URL and had some success but i couldn’t expect the users to do this.

    I searched around and found the follow post. Same issue. Claimed it had been filed as a bug with a MS support. But check out the date..2005

    I thought there must be a fix if it had been filed so long ago. I couldn’t find anything so i posted in the managed newsgroups and this is the reply i got

     Thanks for posting in the partner newsgroups.

    Yes, this is a limitation when placing multiple calendar view Web Parts on
    a page.  We can place multiple event list view web parts on any page but we
    cannot use the calendar view for more than one web part. Currently there is
    no fix available.  I am sorry for the inconvenience it may cause.

    I personally think what you would like to implement is very reasonable and
    understand how frustrating it is when you find that the product does not
    meet your needs. Your advice will be archived for our development team so
    that they may improve this by an update patch to be released in the future
    or in the next version of the product.

    We strive to capture any and all product issues and product feedback so as
    to ensure that we are continuously developing Microsoft products to meet
    customer needs; this is exactly why feedback such as yours is always taken
    very seriously.


    I checked this out in WSS v3 and it works without any problems. The customer has just put a lot of effort into their deployment so i dont think they’ll be wanting to upgrade just yet.

    To get around the problem in the end i created a single calendar, added a field for the rooms. Created views for each of the rooms and created a web part page with links to each of the views. Not quite as elegant as what they originally wanted but it’ll do for now

  • I Heart SharePoint

    I must confess i really love SharePoint. I was a bit of a late-comer though as my previous company had no real interest in it and i was only really aware of it as the “internal website bit in SBS”. I had read a bit about it myself and created some links lists for quick access to Tsweb on the server i needed to manage but that was really it.

    When i left for my current job this all changed. I’ll post about what my job actually is some other time but it meant that i could look into SharePoint properly and within a few weeks i was hooked. We use SharePoint here as our information hub. When i open internet explorer in the morning i can see what appointments people have, outstanding support calls, active tasks. We also have customer information, links to firewalls, routers, server and basically any information that we need to do our day-to-day stuff.

    Now im talking the 2003 stuff (v2?). Just as i started to consider myself a bit of an expert they go and drop Office 2007 on us! While it was very tempting to fire up a virtual server and drop the Beta on it i resisted. We had several customers who were just “getting” SharePoint and i was still learning stuff myself. I decided to wait for the official release (which i have installed on our SBS now BTW….read this first if your going to do it!)

    Anyway i realised yesterday that i haven’t posted a thing about SharePoint. Since i’m going to be learning the new stuff over the next couple of weeks i thought i’d take the opportunity to post more about SharePoint as i figure stuff out.

    I’m looking forward to using WSS v3 (and MOSS when i get to that!) and hopefully it will “wow” me as much as the previous stuff did.


  • PDA Woes

    I have a HP IPAQ hx2750 which i probably dont use as much as i should but is great for getting quick access to email and appointments when i’m away from my PC.

    After installing Vista i discovered that ActiveSync is no-more so installed the “Windows Mobile Device Center” Beta

    Installation seemed to go ok and email, tasks, calendar and the like were all sync’d ok

    Then i had a bright idea.

    Now that i’m using Outlook 2007 for my RSS feeds wouldn’t be great if these sync’d to my PDA as well so that i could read those away from my desk?

    So i found the “select folders” bit, ticked all the boxes and i get this

    “There is a problem with your connection. Please disconnect and reconnect
    your device and try again”


    I had a look around and couldn’t find anything of any help so posted on one of the Vista newsgroups without any real success.

    I then spotted this download yesteday

    The RTM version of the mobile device centre

    I installed this but unfortunately this doesn’t solve my problem. I dont really want to upgrade to a Windows Mobile 5 device as the one i have is just fine at the moment but suspect that is probably the answer.