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  • Installing Windows Live Writer on Vista 64-bit

    Posted on September 5th, 2008 Andy Parkes 4 comments

    I’m running Vista 64-bit so tried to install Live Writer a while back and got the following error



    From what I’ve read it’s to do with the unified Live installer and not Live Writer

    I’ve seen a couple of blog posts that mention if you can get the MSI file you can install it ok. Most of these posts had a link to a german site that has the file on it. I wasn’t too keen to download an MSI file from a site I knew nothing about so decided against that.

    Another post suggested installing Live Writer on a 32-bit system and copy the MSI from there. I tried that and couldn’t find the MSI so that was scuppered

    So I thought I’d try something obvious – what did I have to lose?

    Download the installer file (WLInstaller.exe) from the Live Writer site, right click on the file and click properties then click the compatibility tab

    Put the tick in the box to run in compatibility mode and click ok


    Then run the program as an administrator and it should work!


    I’m posting this on my Vista 64-bit system from Live Writer so it worked for me!

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    4 Responses to “Installing Windows Live Writer on Vista 64-bit”

    1. Hi There,

      I have got windows xp professional 64 bit, however I am still unable to see exact screen print that u have shown above. I just see an option of run this with compatibility mode of windows xp, and even when I check that and try to run the same, it doesnt run, popping up the same message that it doesnt support windows 64 bit version. 🙁

      Any ideas?

    2. Hi Deepika

      I’m running Vista 64-bit not XP Pro 64-bit which is why the screen grab is different to what your seeing

      I don’t have a copy of XP Pro 64-bit running anywhere i’m afraid.


    3. […] still very annoying that 64-bit Vista/XP still isn’t on a par with 32-bit brethren as this isn’t the first time I’ve ran into problems installing software but that rant can wait for another […]

    4. Perfect! Thank you for posting this.

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