What to know about your local telephone exchange?

Just a quickie as I’m really busy catching up everything after my enforced absence I thought i ‘d share one of my favourite resources

The Broadband Resource (UK only)

The idea of this site is that you can gets lots of juicy information about your local telephone exchange with regards to ADSL. It will tell your exchange, how far away you are, who is doing unbundling work, if you can get wireless, who your cable provider is (or isn’t!), if the exchange is SSL enabled, if it’s been “MAX” enabled and much more. I use this when we have a customer/friend asking about what broadband services they should be looking at

Based on the information from this site I’ve made the decision to switch to cable when my current contract runs out. At the moment i have 1Mb ADSL at home. That was AFTER an upgrade. Granted my provider is a bit pants but even with the ADSL MAX upgrade I don’t think I’m going to get any higher than about 3.5Mb due to the distance from the exchange. My cable provider is currently offering speeds of up to 10Mb and with multiple pc usage and online gaming (me!) going on in my house I need the speed! 

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