Internet Explorer Crashes When You Send Email in OWA 2003

This has probably been blogged elsewhere but came across this today so thought i’d post

Customer tried to send email using OWA 2003 (with IE7). When she tried to compose a new e-mail she just got a red cross where the email body should be. I duly installed the SMIME control and all was well (though i ended the phone call with something in my head telling me they was something else i needed to do)

She called back a few minutes later. When she clicked the send button IE crashed

Found this in the event log 

Faulting application iexplore.exe, …..(blah blah)…….faulting module unknown

Quick look around some newsgroups and i remembered the other thing i needed to do

Fix the Exchange

I installed the hotfix from the following article

There were are some other hotfixes for similar issues but this is the one i used

Installed and all worked fine.

She got prompted to upgrade the SMIME control (which she did) and she successfully sent me a test email

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