Knowledge versus Ability

I was looking down the “recent posts” bit on my wordpress dash board when i came across this post Programming Knowledge versus Programming Ability « Imran On Tech I generally agree with the post and it has a good footballing analogy too!As we’re looking for new staff at the moment it definitely got me thinking.

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Longhorn Product Name?

Have Microsoft given a product name to Longhorn Server yet? I was looking to see what was new on the Microsoft download site when i saw the following Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 Step-by-Step Guides Or am i just really behind on my news since i got back?

Fibre connection to your house?

Interesting article on The Register today about the economics of replacing the copper network in the uk with fibre. This is something i’d really like to see but i wont be holding my breath. I’ll be making the move to cable (Virgin Media as it is now) in July when my current ADSL contract expires. I

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Tipping the hat

Just thought i’d “big up” someone elses blog today Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror blog is primarily a programming blog but it covers a wide variety of topics is well researched and entertains. I throughly recommend you take a look A good example is his latest post on the wheel mouse and it’s origins. I personally can’t

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Easing Myself Back In

Well the wedding went really well and we had a nice relaxing break in Edinburgh. It’s such a great city  (even if the weather was rubbish!) and the people were so friendly  As i expected i’ve come back to a large pile of stuff to catch up on so thought i’d post something simple to

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I’m off for a week

I got married on Saturday so posts are going to be limited until next week.. We had an amazing day and my new wife did some amazing things to make it extra special which just reminded me of why i was marrying her!

Just a bit of closure

I posted a week or so ago after my frustration with some work we were quoting for. I got some good comments from Nick including a follow up post here which gave me the sort of feedback i was looking for. Nick thought that maybe we were coming in a bit high while the competition were

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