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I’m such a geek. As i use the mobile version of google reader i’m constantly checking my feeds. I picked up Susanne’s post (Why the SBSC Programme needs to step it up a gear) pretty much as soon as she posted it. I’ve re-read it about five or six times since then as i try to take it all in as it’s a great post with lots to think about

There was a specific line that reminded me of something i’d been thinking about a while back,

“I want the SBSC Partner Directory fixed and at the front of the small business website (not only embedded with the Mr. Busy campaign”

The one thing thati believe is lacking is the visibility of the programme to the “end-user” / the small business owner / the decision makers.

I remember when i was putting some content together for our website and i was really pleased to be putting our shiny new SBSC logo up. I decided to add a link that said “what is a small business specialist?”

The problem i had was that i couldn’t find anything on the Microsoft UK pages to link to as a reference. Eventually i found something on the US site but i wasn’t quite what i was looking for

So this afternoon i tried a little experiment and put myself in the shoes of a small business owner who was looking for some help on Microsoft products for their company

I went to the Microsoft Small Business website  (which recently replaced the BCentral site). The SBSC logo is nowhere to be seen on this “landing” page.

From this page there are are few places to click if i were the small business owner i’m talking about

“Starting Up” and “Growing my business” are pretty self explanatory

At the bottom there are some campaign links (at the moment Mr busy and ‘WOW’)

As i click through the first two of these links we finally get to see the SBSC logo on the “Find an IT expert” section of the pages.

When you click either of the campaign links the logo is nowhere to be seen until you dig down into the “find a partner” sections

The problem i have is that at no point is there anything that explains what a Small Business Specialist is and why you should pick them as opposed anyone else. Even up to the point where i put in my post code and do the search it just tells me i’m looking for small business specialists.

There are lots of links asking if you’d like to become a small business specialist thought but shouldn’t this be on the partner page?

I know there are some campaigns in the works for more exposure but surely it wouldn’t hurt to start simple?

I put a great big “Microsoft Small Business Specialist” sticker on my laptop so that customer (existing and potential) ask me about it and i one thing i’m finding is it’s usually the first time they have heard the phrase “Small Business Specialist”

Is this just a UK / Europe thing or is the situation similar in the US?

We’ve been asked many times recently for feedback on the program so i hope i’m not alone with this view.

Am i right or way off the mark? I’d love to hear your views

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Andy Parkes is Technical Director at Coventry based IT support company IBIT Solutions. Formerly, coordinator of AMITPRO and Microsoft Partner Area Lead for 2012-2013. He also isn't a fan of describing himself in the third person.

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