Not entirely sure how i stumbled across this but thought it was worth mentioning

Here’s the intro from the website

iGIZMO is the WORLD’S FIRST fully interactive digital magazine dedicated to bringing you the very latest and best in consumer technology straight to your inbox – in stunning detail. Published every fortnight, iGIZMO is like a print magazine, a website and TV show all wrapped up in one shiny package, with unbiased verdicts on all the latest kit.

I’m quite impressed with the way you navigate around the “magazine”


Certain hotspots on the page fire off certain actions depending on the content. On one page clicking somewhere zooms you in for a closer look where another will open up a panel with extra information. Extra details such as external web links, product info (specs,price, etc) are moved away to clickable areas away from the description to help stop the page getting too bogged down in content

Other features include embedded videos, the ability to take “clippings to send to a friend” and real page turning style animations

The only downside was thought I thought the content itself didn’t dig as much as I’d like but I guess there are other place to get that sort of info

It’s free to sign and supposedly emails you once a fortnight when it gets updated

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