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One the great things I love about reading blogs is the things you stumble across

Dave Overton had a blog post today about software we rely on

What software could you not live without – tell Windows Vista Magazine? – David Overton’s Blog

Other than the Microsoft stuff he mentioned a program called EZDetach

I clicked through to take see what it was and there are some very useful paid for utilities on that site I’d be taking a close look at (have a look yourself!)

There is also some free stuff that looks interesting too

FBLook = Facebook + Outlook – Update your status, see your friend statuses and be notified about new requests directly in Outlook.

OutTwit = Outlook + Twitter -  With OutTwit you do not need to open any other applications or the browser. Plus you will be able to archive, manage and search your tweets the same way you manage your email.

EZDelete – Purge Messages – EZDelete places a button on the Outlook toolbar which lets you delete messages without moving them to the Deleted Items folder with one click of a mouse.


So what couldn’t I live without?


I’ve blogged about this IE add-in before and I use it that often I notice straight away when I’m at PC that doesn’t have it installed

I’ll be keeping an eye on the comments to Dave’s post to see if any other cool tools appear

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