Clustered Redundancy Offspring

Blame Vlad for the title 🙂

Just a baby update!

Last week we went for a “4-d” scan

This is different from the usual sonograms in that you get to see a lot more detail


I think some of them are a little weird looking but others are amazing detailed. You’ll have to decide which one ours is!


The people who did this for us really looked after us as baby didn’t want to play at all and we ended up getting scanned four times!

For our money we got a DVD of the scan, a CD with about 60 still images, six regular size prints and a large print

There are various companies that provide the service but we used a family run company called “Window to the womb” (they also sell packages on eBay!)

The packages aren’t exactly cheap and I initially wasn’t keen but the experience was great and I’m pleased we went in the end

The other reason for going was that when we went for our 20 week scan at the hospital they were unable to determine the gender

I didn’t want to know – it’s like opening your presents before Christmas – but my good wife got her way this time around as I could understand her reasons for wanting to know

I’m keeping the information to myself for the moment though 🙂

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