I’m officially a two browser person

Since Google Chrome is actually out of Beta I’ve installed it on my PC at home and my laptop (and i plan to install it at the office too). I have mentioned before about why i thought i might run two browsers, compatibility with some Microsoft products, Application shortcuts and the speed increases are just a couple of reasons

Another reason is this though

Internet Explorer 7


Google Chrome


Note: the screenshot from Chrome looks wider as it render the page across the whole screen. In IE it the page was centered with white space down both sides – i cropped out the white space

Now i know this may not actually be the browsers fault. It could be the way the web site designer has put the page together but the average browsing public wont really care about that

Just for fun i fired up my Windows 7 virtual machine and opened it in IE8 (i don’t like to use Beta software on my main system where i can help it!)

Internet Explorer 8 Beta


Internet Explorer 8 Beta (running in compatibility mode)


This isn’t a me taking a shot at Google Chrome. I’m sure if i look hard enough I’ll find pages that render just great in Chrome and look awful in IE

That it’s worth I’m really enjoying using Chrome and since i spend a lot of time in Google Reader and Gmail it makes sense for me to take advantage of Google’s own browser

All areas of IT seem to have their own religious wars and the browser wars are one of the fiercest. Just remember with any software you have the choice to use which ever fits your needs and for me that means using multiple browsers. Not blindly swearing that my first choice of browser is the best there is, everyone should be using and all other browsers suck!

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1 thought on “I’m officially a two browser person

  • Shoot the web developer! 😉

    It’s common to have different browser compatibility issues with IE and Mozilla browsers. Websites like this have been developed by people only testing IE and assuming the rest of the World is using it. In actual fact other browsers now account for a larger audience than ever before – it really makes no sense shutting out people just for the sake of a few changes that would make the website work for all.

    So not Chrome’s fault at all.

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