Wired Magazine Launches in the UK

I posted in the back end of last year that Wired magazine were coming to the UK (as reported by Steve Clayton here)

Well it launched recently!

I hadn’t seen much about it and on a recent trip to the shops i mentioned to my other half that i wondered when it was due out. I picked up another magazine to have a flick through and a sample version of Wired dropped out!

I bought the magazine just so i could also get the sampler and the real issue was in the shops the week after!

You can read the sample magazine on the brand new Wired.co.uk here



I was pretty impressed with the first issue. The format is almost identical to the US version (even the paper on the cover feels the same!) but with a UK twist

I know printed media is having a hard time right now (Maxim magazine has gone online only) but sometimes i like to just sit and read. I can throw a magazine in my bag and flick through at my leisure and Wired is right up my street

A couple of articles from the new UK edition that caught my eye

The man who saved the BBC

The people who really run Britain

Who’s cashing in on apps?

Pick up a copy for yourself!

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2 thoughts on “Wired Magazine Launches in the UK

  • Nice, I always enjoy Wired – especially on long train journeys. I was lucky enough a few years back to get a free 12 month subcription, but it always bugged me about the American slant. I’ve just signed up to their promo subscription, so thanks for pointing it out.

    And in reply to your last post – maybe more people are reading your blog than you think!

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