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I spotted on Mark Wilson’s blog this morning the news that is about to get a sibling –

The first thing you may be asking is “what is”

It’s a Q&A site specifically for programmers. Imagine Experts Exchange (without the paid for memberships or annoying ads) crossed with Digg, crossed with a wiki, crossed with a forum

The idea is that you can ask a question and wait for answers..then as other people read the answers they can mark certain answer to be better than others – the idea is you’ll get the better answers at the top

Registered users then gain points to build up an online reputation. The more points you gain the more you can do on the site (better explained here)

However, if like me your more of an IT Pro than a developer it’s not all that useful. I can’t answer any questions and don’t have any questions to ask!

ServerFault will change that. It’s the same format as StackOverFlow but aimed at people like me

The best explanation is from the stackoverflow blog

Server Fault is for system administrators and IT professionals, people who manage or maintain computers in a professional capacity. If you are in charge of …

  • servers
  • networks
  • many desktop PCs (other than your own)

… then you’re in the right place to ask your question! Well, as long as the question is about your servers, your networks, or your desktops, anyway.


It’s in private beta at the moment with a public beta expected in the next couple of weeks. I imagine this will get a full launch pretty soon as underneath it’s the same code as StackOverFlow so they are not exactly re-inventing the wheel

StackOverFlow is the brain child of Jeff Attwood and Joel Spolsky (who both have cool blogs!) – keep up the good work guys!

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