Xbox Live Arcade Games – Faith Somewhat Restored

In principle I think Xbox Live Arcade Games are a great idea

Games that you can download quickly and easily and get playing with the minimum of fuss. Decent demos so you can try before you buy at a “reasonable” price point

The thing is recently I’ve found some of them to be a bit….crap

Maybe crap is a bit of a strong word but the point is I haven’t really gotten all that excited an upcoming XBLA game in the same way I would about a regular game

On the few occasions that I did it didn’t always live up to the expectations I’d had

A couple of examples

Sensible Word of Soccer, Speedball 2, Worms

There is a slight pattern with these examples. They are all “classics”. Games I’ve played to death in my youth on varying other formats

When I found out they were coming to my XBox i eagerly downloaded them and fired up the demo. I had 10 minutes of fun but wasn’t all that eager to hand over my cash

Don’t get me wrong they are still amazing games and even with the updated graphics they still stand up in their own right but I’d seen it all before

It was the same when i downloaded Prince of Persia. I actually paid for this one. I enjoyed it for a couple of days. Marvelled over how pretty it looked and I haven’t been back to it since.

Then there were some that I refused to even

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2 thoughts on “Xbox Live Arcade Games – Faith Somewhat Restored

  • I’m so with you on Trials HD – I’ve found myself sitting up into the wee small hours thinking: “just one more go – then I’ll give up”.

    Then 200 attempts later, and I’m still trying to figure out how to bunny-hop over a damn barrel!

    Gloriously addictive!

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