Book Review: Assassins Creed Renaissance

Is there such a thing as reading too many books?

I’m really into Assassins Creed at the moment. Having ignored the first game I got the second one as gift for my birthday and I was engrossed with it so when I saw this book I grabbed a copy.

The story follows the events of Assassins Creed 2 so I waited until I’d worked through the game before reading it.

A big part of the game is that there are lots of side missions and other things to do as well as following the main plotline so it was good to revisit the story and it’s easy to loose track a bit while playing.

What was a little interesting is that I’ve progressed onto the next game, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and there are some sections in the book that are actually flashbacks in the next game. In a strange bit of coincidence I started the flashback sequences in the game at the same time as I was reading that part in the book so I knew what I was supposed to be doing in the mission straightaway!

While I enjoyed reading the book it’s no literary masterpiece so probably only worth reading if you’re a fan of the game.

There is a book to go with the Brotherhood game too so as with this I’ll wait till I’ve worked through the game. The Brotherhood game is vast and I’m struggling to keep track of the story a little so it’ll be useful to go back to the book afterwards.

You can pick up this book on Amazon.

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1 thought on “Book Review: Assassins Creed Renaissance

  • i really enjoyed the book too. i just read it for a project and i really feel like playing the game. even though i read the book before playing the game.

    i give it 5/5!

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