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Feed (Newsflesh, #1)

They say never judge a book by it’s cover but I’m glad I did with this one! I was in a bookshop looking for something else when the RSS symbol on the cover jumped out at me. I had a quick read of the overview which mentioned bloggers so as there was a "3 for 2” offer in the shop I added to the other books I had in my hand and it’s sat on my bookshelf for months since.

I finally picked it up Friday night and I’d finished within 24 hours as I was so engrossed!


The basic concept of the story is that sometime in the near future we’ll develop a cure for both cancer and the common cold but these two things combined will create something new that turns allows the dead to reanimate (zombies!) Because of how the story is handled by the press, mainstream media lose a lot of trust and credibility so bloggers become a key part of news services. The story follows three bloggers, a brother and sister and their friend,  who hit the big time when they are invited to follow a US senator on the campaign trial as he runs for the presidency.

The zombie angle was why this had initially stayed on the shelf for so long as it’s usually not my sort of thing so my expectations were quite low when I finally decided to give it a whirl….how wrong was I?!

The story is written in such a way that’s it’s very believable and you side with the main characters from the very beginning which is why i found putting it down really difficult.

I don’t like spoiling stories so I won’t say anything else about the story other than you should check it out!

I also found out today this is the first in a trilogy of books so I’m looking forward to getting the next one.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Feed

  • Looks like the start of a good read. Downloaded a test chapter, on my Kindle of course.

  • Andy – I seriously need to stop reading your book reviews – every time I read one I go straight to Amazon and buy the books you’re reviewing as what you choose is always awesome and totally what I like to read! Only problem is my book collection is growing faster than I can read them, I already had around 200 unread! HELP!

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