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Little BrotherThis is the first book I read entirely on my Kindle and I stumbled across it totally by accident. I was browsing around the GoodReads site (which if you’re a reader it’s worth signing up for – it’s like the worlds largest book club!) and I was looking at lists that some of my favourite books are on to see if there was anything else that caught my eye. I found Little Brother and noticed there was a “read book” link. When I clicked it I was given the opportunity to save the book in a variety of formats. I initially wondered if GoodReads were doing something naughty but once I’d read the foreword in the book I realised this wasn’t the case.

The book is released under a creative commons license. You can still by a physical copy but if you want the digital version you can download it and pass it around as much you like. The foreword of the book explains the reasoning behind it is thought provoking in itself. You can read about the reasons for giving the book away for free here.

So onto the book.

The story is based around Marcus, or “win5ton” as he’s known online who is a seventeen year old who likes to fool around with technology and considers himself a bit of a cracker. His friends skip school one afternoon and are in the wrong place at the wrong .

It also prompted me to see what other books are available under a creative commons license and was surprised at home many I actually found! It’ll probably warrant a post of it’s own. Smile

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