Kit: Power Scout Portable Battery Charger – Review

There is nothing worse than having a mobile phone run out of power and you’re nowhere near a plug socket. This happens to me quite a lot when I’m having particularly busy days so I was very pleased when MobileFun asked if I’d like to take a look at the Kit Power Scout Portable Battery Charger.


The device itself is around the size of a portable hard drive so easy enough to keep in a bag or carry in a coat pocket and isn’t particularly heavy. I was able to go out for the day with it tucked inside my coat pocket and didn’t notice I’d got it with me and was glad I’d got with me by the time I’d got to the pub at the end of the day as my phone was on it’s last legs. 

It comes with a regular micro USB cable and an iPhone specific cable.

On the front is a status LED and a push button.


All you have to do to get it working is connect the device and press the button. Nice and simple!

The charger has three ports, two are outputs and the other one is for actually charging the battery via USB.

Charging is pretty quick when connecting to the mains but it worked equally well when connected to a PC.


The curly cable is useful as it helps keep the bulk down but without sacrificing the length of the cable.

The instructions included indicated the 2.1A port should be used for charging larger devices such as an iPad with the other port for phones. I couldn’t get my mobile to charge with the 1A port but it was more than happy in the other port.

The instructions also say the 6600mAh 3.1 Amp battery can charge a smart phone approximately 4 times and a iPad up to 80% in addition to holding it’s charge for up to 90 days. Bold claims but my experiences so far have been very good. I’ve used the charger to breathe life into my phone as well as my Kindle.

Not much more to say. It does exactly what it says on the tin and isn’t in anyway an inconvenience. I took with me on a trip to Dublin recently and it was great knowing I wouldn’t have to worry about running my phone down which happens all too easily when taking photos, looking for directions and general browsing when doing the tourist thing.

This particular device is £39.95 but having made full use of it recently it’s worth it. There are plenty of alternatives in different sizes and prices but for my usage this is a good fit.

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