Microsoft in town

Well not my town but pretty close! The Microsoft technical roadshow is running February to March in various locations across the country. They are showing off Vista, Office and Exchange and also running developer sessions on whats new with the products. I’m all booked up for the Nottingham event on 20th Februrary Check it out here

Learning Something New

When i was reading Susannes post entitled “What is the backward P at the end of my sentence” i initially thought “I already know how to toggle paragraph marks” What i didn’t realise is that they have a specific name :-  a Pilcro Just a useless bit of trivia i’m pleased to learn as i’ll

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Post Christmas Presents!

My RSS reader is on it’s last legs. I use RSS Bandit and have been quite impressed by it since i started using it I do have a big problem with it at the moment. Posts have started appearing in other feeds A few days ago i clicked on Amanda Murphy’s Xbox & SharePoint blog only be treated

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