Opening Excel During a Mail Merge

It’s weird how people panic when something is slightly different to how they expect I client called me this morning as she was trying to do a mail merge but it was behaving differently to how her other mail merges work Basically when she opened the Word document with the mail merge in, Excel also

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Group Policy and Office 2007

Just a quick one… I was looking for some information on Outlook categories for a client when i stumbled across this Group Policy Overview for Office 2007 187 pages of Group policy goodness! Very in-depth It’s from the Office 2007 resource kit Other similar documents are availble here

Learning Office 2007

I’m always learning when it comes to the office suite. I consider myself a bit of an office power user but i’m always picking up new things it can do. The single phrase i hear time and time again when i’m doing something in office and someone is watching is “I didn’t know you could do that”

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Open Office 2007 on Apple Mac

One of our clients recently made the move to Office 2007. While they have been getting on with it ok i was asked a question the other day i couldn’t immediately answer They have a subcontractor who uses Office 2004 on their Mac and wanted to be able to open documents. I asked what they

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Error when clicking an email link

Got a call from a client today He was making some changes to the contact details on his website and when clicked on one of the email addresses in the page he got the following error message “Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed” Bit odd. He is

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Outlook Connector Fixed

After my post last week about problems with the Outlook Connector it appears to have all been fixed! I checked my mail this morning and it had sync’d correctly. I took another look at the Outlook blog and there are lots of reports of the issue now being resolved The comment from the Outlook Program

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