Can’t wait for this to take off!

I haven’t commented anything about the CES as everything has generally been said elsewhere

However i stumbled across a video on Techeblog

It’s basically an LCD screen that shows a different image depending on the angle your viewing from

One of the applications mentioned in the video is that you could have one screen in a car but each passenger sees a different video.

However, i’m excited about this for a different reason.


My other half is profoundly deaf which means that if we want to go and see a film we need a subtitled showing. I dont know how this works over in the states but over here it’s a complete nightmare. Many cinemas are reluctant to show subtitled films (for various reasons i wont go into here as it’s a real bug bear with me and it would make this an even longer post!) and they are never advertised very well so going to see the latest blockbuster becomes a military operation.

I do use the excellent Your Local Cinema site to find out which cinemas are actually screening. It’s rarely our local cinema and we drive on average 25 miles just to see a film. (which is crazy when our local cinema is less than five miles away). We have to plan in advance (usually weeks) so none of this “shall we catch a movie tonight”. This generally means we only visit the cinema three or four times a year and generally have to wait for them on video.

Sorry..started to get into my rant there <blush>

The point i’m making is if we could have a cinema screen with this technology we could have regular screenings where you only see the subtitles if your sitting in certain parts of the cinema. It would mean ANY screening could have subtitles instead of the random few we get now.

Fingers crossed eh?!

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