On a lighter note

someone has finally has got their hands on the ASUS Eee PC! Notebook review have given their opinion and it still looks pretty promising The price risen slighlty but they have that Asus are hoping to start shipping by the end of August Looking forward to seeing them in the flesh!

SBS EMEA Chat after-thoughts

The Technet SBS Chat finished about 30 minutes ago As i thought may happen it was mainly centered around people who wanted to know about Cougar and not about SBS2003 support as it was originally billed! The chat transcript will be available here soon Most of the Cougar stuff is available elsewhere on the internet

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A different kind of community

Last night i went to a seminar on Health and Safety, Employment Law and advice for startups to turn ideas into a viable business The reason for going was three fold First of all, since we’re having a growth spurt and actually giving people jobs it makes sense to make sure we’re doing it right

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Install Netmeeting on Vista

We have used Netmeeting (Remote Desktop Sharing) in some support situations in the past but it’s no longer installed with Vista I found this hotfix that allows you to install Netmeeting 3.02 on a Vista PC However, What you can’t do is setup Remote Desktop Sharing on that Vista PC. You can still connect to older

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Just a reminder

All being well i’ll be logging onto this at lunch time   Join Microsoft Experts for an Online Chat! Small Business Server 2003 Chat (EMEA Community) Join the Small Business Server team for questions and general discussion on SBS2003. Bring your comments and concerns on the product and discuss them with the team. Friday, July

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PST Files Unsupported on LAN

We recently did some data reorganising at one of client sites The idea was to make the folder structure reflect the current organision (some departments had been merged, made redundant,etc), setup new permissions and setup new network drives for easy access One of the users reported that he didn’t want drive X: to disappear as

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Reset Offline File Cache

About a year ago we did a fileserver migration as the hardware is about to die on the existing server Everything went well and we got the data across with shares and permissions as they were previously However, we were told after the event that several users used the offline files feature in XP for

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Online Presence

Not entirely sure when i haven’t done this before but today i got myself a domain name www.andyparkes.co.uk at the moment it just redirects to here but it’ll make things easier in the long run this also means i have an email address to go with it! andy@andyparkes.co.uk 🙂