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  • Improve Internet Explorer 7

    Just a quick post for to showcase an Internet Explorer add-in i’ve been using for a couple of months now

    I don’t usually go for browser add-ins (IE uses more than enough memory thanks) but the features seemed to good to be true

    Tab Management, Built-in add blocking, Mouse Gestures, Save a page to an image file, View page information, Quick Proxy Switcher, Crash Recovery, Greasemonkey style scripts (New for this release)

    Just some of the features at a glance

    So step forward IE7pro

    The greasemokey style script support is brand new for the current version (which i installed today) and the website claims that lots of existing greasemonkey scripts should work so i’m looking forward to seeing what it can do.

    Go check it out!

    P.S Give mouse gestures a try…..

  • Internet Explorer Crashes When You Send Email in OWA 2003

    This has probably been blogged elsewhere but came across this today so thought i’d post

    Customer tried to send email using OWA 2003 (with IE7). When she tried to compose a new e-mail she just got a red cross where the email body should be. I duly installed the SMIME control and all was well (though i ended the phone call with something in my head telling me they was something else i needed to do)

    She called back a few minutes later. When she clicked the send button IE crashed

    Found this in the event log 

    Faulting application iexplore.exe, …..(blah blah)…….faulting module unknown

    Quick look around some newsgroups and i remembered the other thing i needed to do

    Fix the Exchange

    I installed the hotfix from the following article

    There were are some other hotfixes for similar issues but this is the one i used

    Installed and all worked fine.

    She got prompted to upgrade the SMIME control (which she did) and she successfully sent me a test email

  • Multiple Monitors With Windows Vista – Revisited

    I posted a while a back about support for multiple monitors in Windows Vista and how i felt lots of people were in a panic for no good reason

    Turns out this was one of the most popular posts on this blog according to the stats

    I never mentioned in my original post where i got my information from

    Here you go, the official Microsoft stance

    I’ve been running Vista for some time now (since the start of February) and i CANNOT live without two monitors (i’m looking to get some more once i can get the pursestrings loosened!)

    My desktop is a HP dc5150. The graphics card that comes with this is a ATI Radeon Express 200 and has a VGA and a DVI output. I just plugged in a couple of screens and away i went.

    I have Aero interface and no issues.

    When i make the move to three (four?) screens i’ll be very picky about which card i buy as the article i quoted earlier outlines.

  • Need a Wii?

    This isn’t a gaming blog but i can’t post about XBox 360 & PS3 without mentioning the Wii

    When i initially heard about the Wii i thought it would be the end of Nintendo. No Hi-Def graphics, a gimicky controller?

    How wrong was i?

    I have to applaud Nintendo for trying to be innovative.

    They have been very open about trying to attract people to the console who would really be into gaming

    The greatest example of have is my good old dad

    The kid next door had a Wii just after christmas. He saw it and had a go. Then went straight back home and ordered one.

    When it arrived his brother, nephew and niece all tried it for themselves and have buy ativan now ordered one.

    None of these people own an XBox 360 or PS3 or plan to get one.

    So mission accomplished Nintendo

    And the reason? It’s fun. Plain and simple

    I visited my parents for a weekend recently and played Wii Sports to death (i’m awesome at Baseball!)

    My only is concern is it’s longterm appeal. While my dad loves it at the moment is he going to continue buying games in six months? in twelve months?

    I think Virtual Console we keep his attention for a while as long as they keep the content coming. He already downloaded R-Type!

    I’m going to keep on open mind but i’m certainly interested!

  • PS3 Available In The UK Today

    Finally if you have £425 of loose change you too can own a PS3 today! (plus whatever you need to spend on cables, games, controllers)

    This article on the BBC News site talks about how police are concerned that muggings may be occur while people are trying to get their brand new kit at midnight!

    ******Disclaimer ******

    I’m not looking to get into a fanboy war. I owned a PS One and a PS2 in the past (Resident Evil anyone?) and thought they were amazing machines. I was impressed with how quickly they stole a march on Nintendo and Sega to establish themselves as the top dog.


    I wont be parting with my cash. I love my XBox 360 (If i had limitless funds i’d buy both!) and have been very impressed with the way Microsoft have put their system together. Xbox Live & marketplace is genius, i love the Media Center connectivity and if they can sort out video marketplace for the UK (and the rest of the world) I’ll be like when I was a kid getting all excited about the release of Super Street Figher II!

    Since i’m the resident geek to my friends and family i always get asked my opinion on Microsoft vs Sony vs Nintendo (etc)

    My current opinion is that while the PS3 is an amazing piece of hardware (it is! Take a look) Sony can’t write software as well as Microsoft.

    There. I’ve said it now!

    You may have your opinon on how bad Internet Explorer is or how Linux is better than Windows but Microsoft software is everywhere. They have been doing it for years.

    Anyway a couple posts from a blog (Ozymandias) i’ve started reading sort of back me up

    First one here and second one here

    Now i know two blogs post from one person dont really make an entire argument but I wont say anything else…draw your own conclusions! It’s all about your own opinion anyway 😉

  • Microsoft Blogs Resource

    Just passing on the knowledge

    Steve Clayton posted about a directory of Microsoft Blogs on Seattle PI

    Very interesting…i found an XBox blog i didn’t know about

    They are organised by technology (e.g Server, Office, etc) and hopefully will grow as it gets added to

    Excellent resource!

  • Sonicwall Firewall & Exchange 2000 OWA

    We have a customer who is trying to squeeze every last breath from their SBS 2000 installation.

    We have demonstrated the benefits of SBS 2003 but they dont want to spend the cash (yet!)

    Anyway, after being told about Outlook Web Access hundreds of times we got asked the question

    “can i access my email away from the office?”

    Since they had a new firewall recently we needed to configure the correct ports.

    So we opened up

    HTTP (80), HTTPS (443), IMAP4 (143) and IMAP4TLS (993)

    Thankly OWA 2003 is far easier!

    Anyway we decided to log in and test it before we let them use it.

    Prompted for login details as expected,

    Page loads the OWA interface

    Right hand pane says “loading” and the folder list is just an hourglass.

    We waited a few minutes but nothing happened. I went back and double checked the ports were correct (useful MS article here)

    I decided to check the firewall logs and thats when i realised the problem

    The Sonicwall firewall has an Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) module. It had flagged up a couple of alerts

    IPS Prevention Alert: WEB-IIS MS00-058 View Script Source Via Translate Header, SID: 1339, Priority: Low 

    IPS Prevention Alert: WEB-MISC SELECT FROM Attempt (possible SQL Injection), SID: 1827, Priority: Low

    The firewall had deemed that accessing OWA was an threat to the network.

    I double checked that the SBS was fully patched and changed the settings from “block” to “alert”, it lets it through but at least i’ll know if any unauthorised access is attempted

    I’m not entirely happy about this as a solution but OWA duly worked once i’d changed the settings

    As soon as they make the move to SBS 2003 i’ll put the settings back

    Hope this is of use to someone!

  • Sonicwall Firewalls and Internet Explorer 7 – Part 2

    Was having a poke around our Sonicwall management pages today and noticed a new version of firmware!


    Version fixes the issues with pop-ups and Internet Explorer 7 i mentioned in my previous post on this

    They appeared to have fixed it on all the major models.

    I’ve uploaded the new firmware on our firewall (a PRO 2040) and it seems to be working buy ativan generic without any user agent string changes 🙂

    It’s worth reading through the release notes as it claims there are still some issues but i’ll post about these if/when i find them

  • Express Upgrade? Whats express about it?

    ** Rant warning **

    My Dad was looking to buy a new pc. He had a modest budget but was keen on getting Windows Vista

    He decided to buy a Dell PC with Windows XP Media Centre Edition installed and take advantage of the Express Upgrade offer so that he could still get Vista

    As soon as the pc arrived he placed his order for the upgrade and payed for the carriage.

    He heard nothing from Dell for weeks. He sent an email to their customer services department and was told they would be shipping “towards the end of February”

    It’s now the middle of March and he’s still waiting for his disk

    Now i appreciate there are lots of logistics in getting the orders out.

    My point is though if he’d waited a couple more weeks he could have bought the PC with Vista on it. It’s been out for a couple of months now!

    Now all he has is a PC that he’s scared to do anything with in as he wants the upgrade process to go as smoothly as possible!

    Dell have since apologised on their blog but it’s not really good enough 

    Sort it out please!

  • Off Topic But Who Cares

    I dont post many off topic posts but i had to do this one

    Last night i went to see Ricky Gervais at the NIA in Birmingham with my brother.

    He was only on for just over an hour but we laughed all the way through!

    The tour is called Fame so as you can imagine several celebs “got it”

    I never really got the Office or Extras but his stand-up is fantastic!