Blogging for….

I’ve had a bit of a crisis of confidence when it comes to blogging recently When i moved away from WordPress to my own hosted blog i was really excited but for some reason my enthusiasm has worn off One of the reasons i think is that I’ve gone back to lonely feeling you get

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Clustered Redundancy Offspring

Blame Vlad for the title 🙂 Just a baby update! Last week we went for a “4-d” scan This is different from the usual sonograms in that you get to see a lot more detail From: I think some of them are a little weird looking but others are amazing detailed. You’ll have to

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Some News

I know this has already been done but after the day i’ve had i don’t care! A few weeks ago i briefly mentioned i’d had some big news This is it Baby number two on the way! Picture is from the 12 week scan and we got to see the little one kicking it’s legs

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Technology & Families

We always talk about how technology can help improve our businesses. I also love it when technology can help people in their day to day lives Today it helped me. My poor little two year old had a bit of a tumble yesterday. She didn’t really make a big deal of if but it was

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Unifying My Communications

When I first started this blog it wasn’t my intention for it to have any bearing on my company When I started I asked myself the question, “Why am I doing this?” I came up with two answers First it was somewhere for me to spill the tech/geek stuff that swirls around my head. Lots of

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Online Presence

Not entirely sure when i haven’t done this before but today i got myself a domain name at the moment it just redirects to here but it’ll make things easier in the long run this also means i have an email address to go with it! 🙂

I’m off for a week

I got married on Saturday so posts are going to be limited until next week.. We had an amazing day and my new wife did some amazing things to make it extra special which just reminded me of why i was marrying her!