Swing It

Disclaimer: I will not make any profit from what i’m about to talk about. On thing we have been doing a lot of over the past twelve months is server replacements. We had a lot of customers using Small Business Server 2000 for sometime and were looking at taking the step to the next version to

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Digital Music Anywhere

According to a post on the BBC news web site (view it here) software has been developed that allows people to use songs downloaded on Itunes away from their Ipod and onto other players (Creative, Sony, etc). This in a addition to a post on the SBSDIVA site where she rants about not being about to sync’d her

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Ever feel stupid? I have a vbscript that copies a series of files from one server to another (don’t ask why!) that runs using a scheduled task Now if i run the script manually all works fine. If i run the scheduled task manually all works fine. However, every week when i expect the data

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IE 7, First thoughts

I’ve been waiting for the full release of Internet Explorer for some time.  I had a preview when i installed the Vista beta (RC2) but i didn’t install the IE beta onto any of my XP machines as i dont install beta software on “production” kit. Now i fully understand why people prefer to use other

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My first post

Hello  After being an avid reader of technology related blogs for some time i thought i’d give it a go myself! Hopefully i’ll have plenty to post about in the coming weeks and i wont be too boring :-S